About Joy

Thanks for visiting my page! I hail from the Midwest—grew up around corn, cows, and caves—the Missouri trifecta. After moving to New York City in 2009, my longest serious relationship has been with my newfound home, Brooklyn.

Apart from my creative career, I’ve done quite a bit of traveling and have had the opportunity to live in all three major cities in the Americas: Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and, of course, NYC. I’ve toured internationally and took my award-winning solo show "13 and Not Pregnant" to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2017 where it was received a 5-star review from MUMBLE THEATRE.

Like most aspiring actors, I have had a million jobs since moving to New York City throughout the past decade some of the most notable being:

Professional Karaoke host
Server at a Kosher Steakhouse
Ukelele teacher
Cocktail server
English Exchange partner
Camp counselor
Manager of a BBQ restaurant
Basketball Coach
Dance instructor
Cat sitter

I currently work with kids in the New York City education system facilitating after-school programs focused on building leadership skills and social awareness through the Arts.

My creative perspective/dreams/goals and career are constantly evolving. In short, I love to learn and am always looking for ways to mature as an artist. I have a special love for Shakespeare, and also for new and developing theatrical works. In 2014, I received my MFA from the New School for Drama where I had the honor to hone my craft and focus on classics and contemporary narratives. I have been singing and playing instruments since I was 6-years-old, but when I think about myself as an artist the "label" that feels the most all encompassing is "storyteller." :)